Ep. 16 - Backpacking Part 4 - Sleep Systems

August 15th, 2019

Imagine you've hiked 20 miles in the mountains. Tired legs and sore feet. Now you need a comfortable place sleep. In the fourth installment of our backpacking series we deep dive into sleep systems and how to get a good night's sleep on the trail. Sleeping pads, bags and pillows to create a cozy nest that's easy to carry. Download the episode on iTunes, Google Play, PodBean or where ever you get your podcasts.

Show Notes:


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Ep. 15 - Backpacking Part 3: Shelters

August 1st, 2019

On the trail you need a home. A place to lay your head at night and protect you from the cold and wet of the outside world. Listen to episode 3 of our backpacking series to help you figure out your best shelter options. Tents, tarps and hammocks all have a place in keeping you comfy in the outdoors. 

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If you'd like more information about this episode, check out our blogs.

Shelters for Backpacking 

How to Choose a Tent for Backpacking

How to Choose a Hammock for Backpacking

How to Set Up a Hennessy Hammock (YouTube Video) 

Hammock Tips - How to Get the Perfect Hang with a Structural Ridgeline (YouTube Video)

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/livewild_radio/ 
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Ep. 14 - David Lee - The Passionate Peaker

July 15th, 2019

When our next guest saw pictures of alpine climbing in National Geographic as a kid, it sparked a deep fascination with the mountain. While a lot of canoeing happened in between (aka the Passionate Paddler), David Lee rediscovered his desire to climb mountains in his forties (aka the Passionate Peaker). From his first forays into winter camping to heading out to climb Mt. Rainier at 14,411 ft, David reveals his journey exploring remote peaks while still holding down a full-time career.  A drive to keep gaining skills and take on new challenges fuels him to keep pushing his boundaries when most would be happy to just relax at the cottage with a beverage in hand. Give a listen and gain some understanding of how it’s possible to have a lot of adventures while still having a successful career.

Show Notes:

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Ep. 13 - Backpacking Part 2 - Backpacks and Footwear

July 1st, 2019

 In this second episode of our backpacking series, we discuss two of the most important items you need for enjoying the trail. Your backpack and footwear can make or break your next outing so we deep dive in helping you choose the right gear. And as techy as it may get we try to keep it fun.

After listening if you want more information about what we talked about the click the links below. 

How to Choose and Fit a Backpack

How to Choose the Right Footwear for Backpacking 

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Ep. 12- Intro to Backpacking

June 15th, 2019

We really love the freedom and adventure that come with heading out on the trail with nothing but what you carry on your back. This is the first episode in our learn to backpack series. Intro to backpacking covers the basic concepts and categories of gear you will need to start backpacking. Our aim is when you listen to the series and read the accompanying articles you will know everything you need to head out on your first backpacking trip. If you are already a backpacker, hopefully, you will learn some new tricks you can use to make your next trip better. 


For more details, read the articles below found on our website.

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Ep. 11 - Cody Bradford- #TechTipTuesday’s Climbing Guide, Mountain Culture, Tips and Philosophy

June 1st, 2019

For Episode 11, we travel to Las Vegas to talk with rock climbing guide Cody Bradford. We discovered Cody on Instagram where he has built a following for his #TechTipTuesday. After learning some cool tips to make our climbing safer we reached out to have him on the show. Learn what is under all the climbing know how. We get deep and philosophical about climbing culture, anchors and what he gets out of a career as a guide.

Download from iTunes, Google Play, Podbean or wherever you get your podcasts.

Show Notes:

Website: www.codybradford.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thecodybradford/  #TechTipTuesday

Book Cody to Guide and Adventure: https://57hours.app.link/profile-cody-bradford-web

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Ep. 10 - Eric Sigurdson- The Zen of Climbing

May 15th, 2019

Rock climbing is fun but it is so much deeper. In episode #10 we are joined by Eric Sigurdson, a climber, a gym co-owner (The Core Climbing Gym), a family man and a full-time IT guy. Climbing is one of those activities that you go down the rabbit hole. The physical demands of an athlete. The flexibility of a Yogi. The strategy of a chess master topped off with the self-mastery of a Buddhist monk. We geek out and hopefully, you get some takeaways that you can use to make both your climbing and your life better.  

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Ep.9 - All Things Rockclimbing

May 1st, 2019

Rock climbing is a choice to take the harder path. Like most things in life, the harder way is often the most rewarding. But most people only have a vague idea of what actually goes on. Join us for Episode #9  of LiveWild Radio as we talk about all things rock climbing.

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Ep. 8 - Challenges

April 15th, 2019

Challenges are the resistance of life. Think of it as strength training for your soul. We start light but with practice, you get stronger and can carry a heavier load. Listen to LiveWild Radio Ep. 8 - Challenges and join us as we explore how embracing challenges have made us who we are. Where you learn that the journey is the reward.

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Ep. 7 - Barbells and Backpacks

April 1st, 2019

You can't have much of an adventure if you are out of shape. If you are tired after a couple miles or call it a day after one climb, you aren't making the best use of adventure time. In this episode of Barbells and Backpacks, we talk about how we train for backpacking and climbing while still having time to work and do this podcast. Cut through the fluff and make your next trek a great one.

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