Ep. 41 - Collingwood Earthship - Matt Code

September 2nd, 2020

Not all adventures are in the forest. In this episode we talk to Matt Code who built his very own earth ship in Collingwood, Ontario. After an afternoon of mountain biking we sat down in his dining room to talk about what an earth ship is and what it is like to have a low impact sustainable home. From reusing rainwater and storing the heat of the sun in the walls to generating electrical power with solar panels, his home is home is as close to being off the grid as it can while still being located in town. Interested in passing on the skills and knowledge he has gained, Matt has built a community both online and in real life of people interested in learning how to build their own sustainable homes and grow their own food.

Give a listen to learn how our homes can change our environmental impact.  

To learn more about the earth ship movement visit Matt's website

See a virtual tour of his home.


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Show Notes:
Collingwood Earthship Video Tour 
Collingwood Earthship Workshops 
Earthship Ontario Facebook Group 
Matt's Community Garden - Free Spirit Gardens 
Mike Reynolds (Earthship Pioneer) 
Earthship Biotecture School by Michael Reynolds 
• Intro on What is an Earthship by Michael Reynolds:
        o Garbage Warrior 
        o New Solutions 


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